Thursday, June 30, 2011

The "I Have A Dream" Speech Remembered

Take yourself back to August 28, of 1963. Over 200,000 people have marched with Dr. King in Washington. Everyone is hanging on to his every word. Even, at that very second, President Kennedy is watching too, with great wonder at this man. You can hear whisps of women's voices as they say "amen" and other things besides. Dr. King's voice is sonorous and booming and people clap and cheer. They believe in his words as they become more and more hopeful for the day of freedom...

Although this was a peaceful gathering, Washington was ready for the worst. At any time, if things became too radical, they could automatically shut off Dr. King's microphones. This speech is moving to me and it is one of the reasons why he has inspired me to become a civil rights activist. I, too, hang on to every word each time I listen. When he was writing this speech, people thought he was writing a poem because of the way he wrote it. One can only imagine what he went through to write this great work. When he was murdered and they looked at his heart, it looked like the heart of a 60 year old man because of all the tribulations and strife he went through to work for what he believed in. I hope this blog post will reach somebody out there and inspire them to become as moved by him as others are, with me included.


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