Thursday, June 30, 2011

John Lennon: A Man Beyond Weirdness

Many people notice and even Beatles fans notice that John Lennon became seemingly "weird" in his later years. The fact is, he didn't care what people thought of him and didn't always think twice about things (a fellow fan once helped me understand), which turned out strange in the end. Beyond his "weirdness", he was a funny and witty man and he was also very thoughtful. These characteristics shine through in his books and quotes. In a poem from his book , In His Own Write, he says, "I was bored on the 9th of Octover 1940 when, I believe, the Nasties were still booming us led by Madalf Heatlump (who only had one). Anyway they didn't get me. I attended varicous schools in Liddypol. And still didn't pass--much to my Aunties supplies. As a member of the most publified Beatles (P, G, and R's) records might seem funnier to some of you than this book, but as far as I'm conceived this correction of short writty is the most wonderful of larf I've every ready."

"God help and breed you all."

He believed in God too which is a surprise to alot of people after the "rock is bigger than Jesus statement". In one of his quotes he explains how he doesn't just think of God as an old man in the sky, but lots of things. Lastly, I have created this post to give a better understanding of him to many people who don't understand.

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